Most often when people think of bettering themselves, they think of getting more formal education or taking a class.  In some instances formal education is a very good idea.  But most of the time it is not necessarily going to accomplish the immediate goal of changing jobs or starting a new career.  It does not cover the “nuts & bolts” of this process either. It is not even the least expensive option.  Master’s Degrees can cost tens of thousands of dollars and there really is no more guarantee after obtaining the degree that this will secure your ideal position.  So where should your time and money be spent?

When educated people make a large purchase they research their options and talk to professionals about the best way to go about the process.  They don’t assume that they know everything about the market, that everything they need to know is on-line, nor do they trust themselves to spend their time and money wisely without an expert opinion.  So why do they assume that their time is FREE, and that they are not losing opportunities or money when they search for a new job or attempt to change careers?  Probably for the same reason they are selling themselves short on job interviews.  They are not marketing experts, nor are they practiced at presenting themselves effectively.  This is a REALLY hard thing to do on your own.  For obvious reasons, you cannot be objective nor can you see yourself the same way that hiring managers do.

Do you know which companies share your values and culture?  Do you know where “your ideal team collaborators” are?  If not, then why do you depend on a job description to be all the information you need to make an educated decision?  Do you think that all dating site profiles tell the whole story or is it important that you meet and talk with that individual? Looking for a job 5 years ago is not the same as today, nor will it be the same 10 years from now.

YOU are probably only going to make a major change a few times in your career.  Is it worth keeping up on trends or would your time be spent more efficiently talking with a career transition expert?  If you are filling out applications on-line and then waiting for a response, I guarantee you that the process will be long and painful.  This is just NOT how it is done.  You can either try this for a few months, OR you can be re-branded and FOUND in just a week, with several pending job possibilities within a month.  Have a professional come up with a customized plan of action including new personalized branding.  Make sure that the key-words you are using are pertinent and that the title you give yourself means something to the current job market.  Make sure that the algorithm for being found on-line has been met, and most importantly you had better have an updated LinkedIn Profile reflecting your experience as it relates to your desired career.  Over 90% of Recruiters and HR Professionals are looking for candidates on LinkedIn- as their sole resource.

I help people with ALL of this EVERY day.  For a small investment in yourself you could be re-branded with a new profile, carrying a new resume, and having a PLAN as to how to connect with those people that you would like to work for. How much is your time worth?  How much money can you afford to lose? What are you waiting for?  Be happy to discuss this process with you.


Lori Morefield-Berg has over 25 years of successful sales leadership in startup and vertical market expansion situations. Lori launched one of the first IBM PC authorized training facilities and dealerships in the U.S., as well as several other technical entities. This experience makes her uniquely qualified to identify and consult with talented individuals in sales management, marketing, finance, IT, engineering, operations, HR, and business development.  Lori has a B.A. in Developmental Psychology, which underlines her training expertise and consultative approach. She was a business recruiter in addition to providing training to recruiters and career counselors. Lori has supported businesses by providing technical solutions, strengthening strategic alliances, and assisting with business planning and development. She is a mentor, moderator, presenter, ambassador and speaker for various civic and networking organizations and Chambers of Commerce in the Seattle area.