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 30-60-90 Plan Includes:                        ( 3 hours)

Overview of Job Description

Review of Goals and Their Implementation

Completion of Example Template


INTERVIEWING PREPARATION Includes:     ( 2 hours)

Sample Question Worksheet & Interview Style Guide

Briefing and Preparation for Specific Company & Job Description

Practice Interview including Interviewing Steps & Role-Play


SALARY NEGOTIATION & CLOSING Includes: ( 2 hours )

Researching Other Hires and History

Presentation, Questioning, and Closing

Salary & Benefit Package Negotiation Plan & Strategy

Position Ranking “ Weighting”  Template and Review



CUSTOMIZED JOB SEARCH PLAN  Includes:      ( 1 hour)

Connecting, Messaging, and Advanced Search Strategy using LinkedIn

Utilizing Information on Industry Related Sites


OTHER etc.- as needed are i.e.    ( 1/2 to 1 hour)

Notice Letter to Previous Employer

Departure Timing & Plan

Announcement on LinkedIn & Social Media

Updating Existing Resume with New Experience

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